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Made by Bren Kinfa πŸ’›

Hey πŸ‘‹ I’m Bren, maker of this project.

I ship resources for founders & entrepreneurs:

AI Launch List

100+ AI directories to launch your AI product

SaaS Designer

UX/UI design help for startups

SaaS GPTers

500+ GPT-4 & ChatGPT resources and tools

SaaS AI Tools

Discover 1500+ generative AI tools

SaaS Prompts

500+ actionable ChatGPT SaaS prompts

SaaS Bookshelf

100+ curated startup books with key takeaways

SaaS Business ideas

Random SaaS business idea generator

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Useful Resources πŸŽ

Bulletproof Prompts

Learn how to write better prompts (+ examples)

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GPT-4 Playbook

300+ use cases for GPT-4's image input feature

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220+ Super Web Design Prompts

Supercharge your web designing skills.

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